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released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Grammar Tree Jacksonville, Florida

Hip-hop from Jacksonville, FL

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Track Name: Bigfoot
I don't think it, I thought it
that's different
I said what I said and I meant it
or lamented
Words given weight without thought
and I'm cursing the way that I talk
When the way that I aught
to be able to pause
and to say that the flaws
could be placed on my arms
not this playful assault
to disgrace and disarm
Pray for the day they could wait for the calm
You can't control the storm
only weather it
Weather it's
five weeks and five days
of rain sideways
or scorched earth
Search for death, or water
Left with all the thorns
and the pedals gone
Settle on the breath of Autumn

If the crown fits, wear it

I lost my arms, but it's okay
'cause I've got new growth
and new shoulders to hold em
I told 'em, it's just like glucose
Broken down, sugar
it's simply that you cut too close
and how I'll fill this hole
that you left me with
who knows?
For a while I grew around you
found you in the search for light
The earth in my roots
at certain times
diverted my thirst for life
Rocks and obstacles
only affect trajectories
Whats left of me is said to be
hard, if not impossible
to uproot, or ignore
Enough, who is this for?
Is it more the ego
we know not who to trust?
Or is a spectacle in spectacles
left to wrestle the Devil?
Never see the worst of me
because I don't love you enough
Control when they laugh at you
that's what you have to do
Ask 'em who laughed last
a half-glass past absolute
If that is true
with my branches pointed to Heaven
standing only with my roots searching for Hell

If the crown fits, wear it

If the crown fits, wear it
Swear it's brown stems
wound themselves
impaled deep into stem cells
Sense fails before the blood stops
Ignore the blood drops
I should remove it, true but
damn it fits well
Track Name: Mitch
"I mumble a lot
off stage I'm a mumbler"
Pull up the comforter
Keep the burglers
and bad dreams out
I'm hashing out
things that I could say to comfort her
or really, I'm just hashing out
If I could crash your couch
I'll be good to drive tomorrow
Get my head head straight
And as far as
what I said at the bar
Don't forget about it
Because I will
My mind is like a minefield
Hit trigger, click
disfigure quick
Time heals
flesh wounds,
but what about the mental scars
in so far as permanent damage
Dammit, the tourniquet, bandage
cannot do a fucking thing
so you should learn to withstand it
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
except concerning mechanics, physics, reality
Holy Spirit get out of me
Hold these lyrics to the fire
How can he
look me in the eyes as if only to say
"that tree is far away"

[chorus] [sort of]
"I think Bigfoot is blurry
It's not the photograhers fault
Bigfoot is blurry
and that's extra scary to me
'Cause there's a large out of focus monster
roaming the countryside
Run he's fuzzy
Get out of here"

"I had an ant farm
them fellas didn't grow shit"
I suppose it's
the crack in the wall that they saw
or the door, when they broke for it
in a single file line
designed for their mass exodus
A fast exit expected
Instead for you ask breakfast
Ass naked, except for tattoos
and a black necklace
More brave than the last guest was
I coulda said that
Yeah, I guess that the choice is yours
I got the check and the vorpal sword
then I got a head back
Appalling, appealing, appeasing
Always end up leaving
a taste in your mouth
and it ain't coming out easy
Eat a lemon, drink some black coffee
Smoke a cigarette
Consider the reasons you might call me
and it it involves me
giving you some pills I ain't got to give
I'm positive I understand
You could use it
Do me a favor, though
Treat my number like the war on drugs, girl
Fucking lose it